Monday, December 15, 2008

Perhaps one of his later works?

Mr B sent me this link today. We're not convinced it's Maxfield Parrish. What do you think?

Just in case you think I'm lying, check it out. I lack the Photoshop skills to make this up.


  1. Might be his later work. -grin-

    I was just wondering why anyone would by a used calender........

    ( 5 used and new available from $13.99 )

  2. Just for the record: I was simply perusing calendars on Amazon. I was looking for neither Maxfield Parrish nor scantily-clad goat-roperettes (Goat roper: perjorative from my native culture, denoting cowherds.)


  3. Now, B, I know you were looking for my gift, weren't you?

    Let's look at the product description:

    Product Description
    A preeminent figure in the Golden Age of American Illustration, Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) was the most popular artist of his time. His illustrations graced everything from candy boxes to major magazines. Executed in rich, luminescent colors with astonishing virtuosity, his romantic images typically featured flawless young women posed languorously against a background of mountains or opulent classical architecture. This calendar presents twelve of his inviting landscapes, fables, and fantasies."

    She looks flawless, languid and is settin' by a fishin' hole. There's yer fantasy, Bubba!


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