Monday, December 22, 2008


It seemed so simple. We would take the train down Friday evening, spend a nice weekend away, then take the train back Sunday afternoon*.

Oh, but no!

HUGE winter storm. Snow totals unseen in these parts for decades. Doom! Gloom! AaaaAAArrrGGGgghhh!!!

First clue came when we got a call from Amtrak Sunday morning telling us all service had been suspended. We couldn't even get a seat until Tuesday at the earliest.

We bit the bullet and paid $150 each** for a one-way flight, first thing Monday morning.

Uh, sorry. Canceled.

Rescheduled for Monday evening, and here we sit. Flight is already delayed 1.5 hours....

Anyone willing to place a bet?

* Note: We're not talking a long trip here. This is a 3-hour car ride under normal circumstances.

** Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

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