Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Baby: Awkward Moment #6,874

Break out the mink, my pretties! We're Rockin' this Friday with Eartha.

Santa Baby, Eartha Kitt

This brings to mind a disturbing episode from just a few years ago.

I used to belong to a Unitarian Universalist fellowship. Every year they would ask folks to sign up to perform at the Holiday Music Service. Mostly it was singers, guitar players, and other instrumentalists; a pretty talented bunch overall.

Well... this particular year, the two young daughters of one of the members signed up to perform. They were maybe 10-12 years old at the most.

Come Music Service time, those two innocents stood in front of the entire fellowship and sang along to this very rendition of this very song. Their mother sat in the front row beaming encouragement as the rest of the assembled fellowship writhed in agony while these two prepubescent girls mimicked Eartha's sensual - dare I say 'earthy? - performance. It was every bit as awful as you might guess.

Boys and girls, can you say 'inappropriate'? I knew that you could.

I love this song, but now every time I hear it, my stomach clenches. I can only be grateful that they didn't show up in costume. There wouldn't be a pencil big enough to poke that image out of my mind's eye.

Mr. B & I are headed out of town for the weekend to celebrate the beginning of my 50th year. As Lovely Daughter used to say, Happy to Me!


  1. This is too true and very funny! thanks for the Christmas cheer...

  2. I'd say there are far worse places to perform that than at a UU fellowship. BTW where was it and do you still attend sometimes?


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