Friday, January 16, 2009

All I Wanna Do

OK, buckle your seatbelts for the First Annual (?) Visit by Evil Twin edition of Fridays Rock! Yes, Evil Twin is right this very minute winging her way across the country to come hang out for a few days.

To honor this rare and precious event, I'm posting the song that we hollered at the top of our lungs back in 1995 when we joined forces for a combined family trip to Myrtle Beach.

All I Wanna Do, Sheryl Crow

You know, 14 years and a couple thousand miles later, I feel it's still pertinent.

Here's memory for you, straight out of the Strange But True category.

You might remember that nine years ago this week, I believe, in January 2000, Evil Twin came out to meet Young Son (who was all of 4 months old) and mock me for being newly-40 years old with an infant. But she could get that since, a few years prior, she also was 40 years old with an infant.

We hung out, I made her paint my kitchen, and we met a mutual acquaintance from years past who happened to be living nearby for dinner. That old friend, of course, was Mr. B.

So here we are nine years later (almost to the day, I think - I have to check) and she's coming out to hang with me and Mr. B in a completely different context.

We most certainly will be having a Girls' Night Out Reunion w/Mr B at the same restaurant. And we most certainly will be havin' some fun.


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