Friday, January 9, 2009

Found Object

The holidays are over, and life is settling in to whatever 2009 will bring. I'm ready to get back into a Fridays Rock! frame of mind. How 'bout you?

Here's a little somethin' that caught my ear awhile back (couple of years now??) but I never got around to following up on it. They played it once or twice on my favorite radio station but it apparently didn't sit well with the other members of the aging 'adult alternative' market 'cause I never heard it again.

I finally did track it down and was intrigued. Give it a go. It's especially hypnotizing if you have a mind-altering substance at hand, but those of us you with lots of prior... experience can put our yourselves in that special place with no chemical assistance.

Bullet and a Target, Citizen Cope
(You can see the real video here.)

That's some good shit there, Maynard. Yes indeed.

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