Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I can do

  1. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. At least I used to be able to. To be frank, I haven't tried in awhile.

  2. I am almost always the first one done eating at the table. In school, I used to almost always be the first one done with a test. Not that I did any better, but I was fast!

  3. I can read things upside down pretty fast. I can read backwards, too, but it takes me a little longer.

  4. I can remove stitches as long as they aren't too embedded. Actually, I'm pretty good at wound care in general, for a lay person.

  5. I do a very passable imitation of the call of a Stellar sea lion.

And you? What thing you can do?


  1. I get partial credit for #4. I'm self-critical but I'm not very good at it.


  2. True, you have given me way too many opportunities to practice in the past year. Enough of that already, 'k?

  3. I tried for days to tie a cherry stem into a knot but all I did was tie my tongue into knots.

    I once removed stitches from a biopsy into my lung - I was coughing so hard I 'blew' them out. It was so cool watching me blow blood bubbles from my chest wound.

    I used to eat as fast as I could when I was under 12 - had to beat my 4 bothers/sisters and Dad to get a good seat in front of the TV. Now a meal can last me for an hour - I have to remember to let go the mouse and use the silverware - I did try to eat the mouse once but I was tipsy.

    I was always the slowest test taker - still am - but back in high school it was because many times the test questions were my first introduction to the subject. I took a economic class and boasted I never removed the cellophane from my book. I re-took that class in summer school and got an A. They refused to buy my book back because it was so worn.

    My other half says I should write that I have the WORSE bedside manner - she always goes home to mama when she gets sick.

    And now I know what it feels to get hit with a lamp.....great post.

  4. 1. I can whistle very, very loudly using two fingers.

    2. Do the hustle (not to be confused with hustling).

    3. Apply face paint to 200 children in four hours with 2 potty breaks.

    4. Lie like a rug. I can look you in the eye, not flinch, and make you believe I am Mother Teresa in the flesh.

  5. She's not lying. I have witnessed #1, 2, and 4.

    I remember one evening, decades ago, with a Mary Kay consultant. When she asked what moisturizer you used, you told her with a straight face that you would sometimes take a chapstick and rub it on your forehead. She was horrified. At the time I was too young to appreciate the full beauty of that moment. I appreciate it now, tho!

  6. First, love the Chapstick/Mary Kay comment. Chuckled out loud.

    I can:

    1. Make about 10 fairly fancy dinners without consulting a cookbook.

    2. Make my way down a ski slope (even a black diamond) while singing Bruce Springsteen "Born to run" in my head.

    3. Name a lot of garden flowers, thanks to Mom's teaching.

    4. Sing most Christmas hymns while not looking at the words.

    5. Type pretty darn fast.


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