Friday, January 23, 2009

Once more, with feeling

Apologies - no Fridays Rock! today. I'll give you a double shot next week. Promise.

Had my do-over MRI this morning. It rather sucked. It's amazing how less enjoyable an MRI is when you're IN PAIN.

The needle they used to inject the dye wasn't a problem; in fact, I got to watch the fluoroscope as the dye seeped into the little spaces and places in my shoulder. I'm a big enough geek to actually enjoy stuff like that. But then, the dye hit a certain place and the burn of a whole fistful of glowing-hot needles started working its way down my arm.

Yeah, I was a little surprised. Nothing in the little speech the tech gave me indicated that this might happen. He didn't even say the word 'discomfort', a sure tip-off.

But I wasn't leaving there without an MRI, so I pulled up my big girl panties and made my way into the MRI room where they arranged me in the exact same position as last time, on my back with my arm resting gently by my side, except now it was THE MOST FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE POSITION ON THE PLANET.

I spent the next half hour willing myself not to think about THE BURNING HOT ACHE RADIATING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO MY ELBOW. And willing myself not to start twitching and wriggling like an earthworm on a hot griddle. It seemed to go on forever.

But, as most things do, it eventually ended. After picking up my complimentary CD of the images (I am actually excited about looking a those when I get home), I got to drive myself to work, where I learned that any time I moved my elbow away from my body, OMGAAAaaaHHHhh! And, of course, the ONE DAY I wanted to retreat into my office and curl up in a ball, there was all sorts of activity and things that needed looking into.

I've been here for three hours now. I've decided I'm not going to last the whole day. I think there is some leftover medication sitting at home with my name on it.


  1. Scotch, Ice, Asprin and Pitty in large qty's
    take Care

  2. OMG this brings back a whole lot of awful memories.


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