Friday, October 26, 2007

Ha ha! Joke's on me.

OK, ok, okokok.... ...titter titter... Here's one for you. You're gonna love this one!
What do you get ...heeheeheee... when you have, like, two middle-aged adults working on a new relationship? Yaknow?


They are both subject to, like, ...snort,tee-hee... fluctuating levels of certain neurotransmitters?

this is the best part!

They are both dicking around with their meds ...get this!!


This is priceless! gigglegigglegiggle...
Phew! Gotta catch my breath... sorry!
Wait for it...

Sometimes it, like, yaknow, kinda sucks.

Say what I might (read: have) about my Ex; about how incompatible we were on so many levels*, I gotta give him this: the guy is emotionally goddamned rock solid normal.

And, say, if one has been subject to fairly regular episodes of dysthymia -- perhaps cyclothymia? -- since adolescence, the argument could be made that there might be benefits to having a spouse that simply is what he is, day after day. Same as it ever was. But, unfortunately, in the long run the cost-benefit analysis didn't prove out. But I digress.

What does one do when one meets a person that is so much more compatible on so many levels, but also (coincidentally? hmmmm?) happens to share similar irregularities in brain chemistry? And both parties happen to experience those irregularities simultaneously? Because they're cutting back their meds?** Without supervision?!?***

One fastens one's seat belt and hopes for the best. It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds, trust me.

One also finds oneself praying fervently, even though one is an atheist, that one is strong enough to stand steady until the seas calm.

And, yeah, one kind of wishes one was still drinking.

*Don't get me started. Really.

**I thank the universe for the miracles of modern pharmacology. Better living through chemistry! Yeah, baby!

***You know, seeing that in black & white makes me want to slap myself upside the head and scream "Duh!"



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