Friday, October 19, 2007

Pitch Freakin' Black

We had a windstorm yesterday.

That's what we get here in the upper-left corner of the continental US of A. We don't get lightning and thunderstorms, or hurricanes, or tornadoes. We get rain with occasional flooding and landslides, and straight-line windstorms. The latter usually results in power outages of varying size and duration.

Well this time it was my turn. The power had been flickering at work all afternoon and when I got home, sure enough, the apartment was dead calm and dark. But the wind had died down quite a bit by bedtime. Surely the power would be back on by morning....

Nope. It was pitch freakin' black this morning when I awoke. Not a pleasing way to start the day.

I made a few calls and determined that there was power at work so I would be expected to show up. I could bring Young Son with me if the school was closed.

What to do, what to do.... Shower? Nope. Coffee? Nope. Hate the thought of going to work un-showered and undercaffeinated. Grrr.

Finally dragged myself out of the bunk and into the kitchen to at least rinse out my hair in the sink. If I could create the illusion of freshness, I might be able to pass as bathed. I had just finished rinsing out my hair in goddamned *cold* water when the power came on - yippee!

Rushed Young Son through our morning routine, dropped him at school, stopped to get my daily dose, and made it to work just half an hour late.

No one else in the office lost power last night. The office servers didn't even reboot. Somehow it all feels a little anti-climactic. I bought myself chocolate-covered graham crackers in recompense.

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