Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Humor

Setting: Mom & Young Son are driving home at the end of a long day. Mom is whupped, flying on autopilot.
YS: Mom, can I say ...unintelligible...? Just for a minute?

M: (slowly gaining awareness of her surroundings) Uh... huh?

YS: Can I say... (drops to a stage whisper) 'drunk'?

M: (Is 'drunk' a bad word? Should it be? Where could this possibly go?) Sure...

YS: OK! How do you get a ghost drunk?

M: I dunno, how?

YS: Give him BOO-ze!

Of course there was uproarious laughter all around. I'm pretty sure he made that up himself, which is somehow simultaneously cool and mortifying.

Young Son has been saying that he wants to be a stand-up comedian* when he grows up. No big, you say?

Well, when his big sister, Lovely Daughter, would declare oh those many years ago that she was 'going to be a star', we'd smile condescendingly and pat her on the head.

She's now finishing up a Master's in acting at a major drama school.

I take those bold statements of intent a little more seriously than I used to.

*He also wants to be a Lego builder, and a submariner like his dad. When he was 5 he wanted to be a professional clown. As long as he doesn't go into politics, it's all good by me!

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