Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sometimes, like right now, I suddenly sit bolt upright, shake my head, and scream (in my own head)

WTF am I doing?!?

Who in their right mind would fall willingly into a new romantic relationship with an old friend just a few months after the end of a 28-year marriage?

Am I insane?

This relationship thing is going really well, but for some reason, sometimes I have an out-of-body experience and get a glimpse at my situation from the outside. Freaks me out every time. It's kind of like when all of a sudden the word "that" looks like it's not spelled right. You're positive it is, but it just looks weird.

As for the answers:
- I have no idea.
- No one.
- Yes.

But I'm thinking that's not going to slow me down. Much.

p.s. I'm guessing "WTF" is a fairly standard acronym, but since most of my adult life was influenced by the Navy, I can't be sure. Is it just a sailor thing?

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