Saturday, July 12, 2008

All Clear

I think I forgot to make the official announcement. I'll take this opportunity to present it in the style of a lovely haiku.
Mr. B is clean
No more melanoma cells
Lurking in his scalp

All we have to do is get the wound healed and eventually this whole episode will be history.

Except for that whole constantly-looking-over-the-shoulder thing, of course.


  1. Liz (and Mr. B) -- sorry I haven't been able to check in over the last week or so, but I'm so glad to hear your scalp cells are squeaky clean. That is awesome news and I'm sure a sigh of relief.

  2. Thanks, Susan. It's nice that my scalp (and the psyche that dwells somewhere beneath) is no longer taken hostage. Onward!



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