Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's enough of that

Whew! I thought July would never end.

Two months ago I found myself at the NaBloPoMo site and, me being me, decided that I had to give it a go*. I mean, posting every day for a month -- how could that be bad? It would be some sort of amazing growth experience; pushing me beyond my self-imposed limitations. It would set me free!

(...crickets chirping...)

Wellll... I stuck with it for two months and I think we can all agree we've had quite enough.

Thank you for your patience during this experiment-gone-horribly-lame. We will now resume our regular haphazard posting schedule, already in progress.

But be forewarned: I'm considering taking on NaNoWriMo in November... be very afraid!

* If you're thinking 'So that's why we've had to endure all those crappy weekend posts,' you're absolutely right.

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