Monday, July 21, 2008

Good in a crisis

Sister writes:
On Saturday at 7:30am, Hubby awoke to the sound of me shrieking at the top of my lungs. The reason?

Good thing I looked before I sat.

Hubby locked himself into the bathroom to "resolve the problem" ...and as I screamed through the door, "Don't play with it!! Just get RID of it!!! What tools do you need???", he yelled back: "GET ME THE CAMERA!!!!".

Yep...he's my li'l crisis manager!

Personally, I am impressed as hell at the condition of her toilet. I can't imagine what wonders would have to appear in my toilet to make me think taking a picture of it would be a good idea. (shudder!)


  1. Not great resolution on the web pic, but it appears to be a Cuban Tree Frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis). Cool, we never get frogs in our toilets!

  2. Please invite her to my house to make my toilets as clean... I'll even take the frog if my toilet looked like that...

  3. I'd be most appreciative if you could refrain from posting pictures of toilets cleaner than my own. I find it most offensive and I won't stand for it. To think that someone actually has the time to make their toilet that clean, it's a travesty I tell you.

    Nice frog though!

  4. Not to sound stupid, but how exactly does a frog find it's way to the toilet inside a house?!


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