Monday, July 14, 2008

Bailind the Annoyingly Apologetic

I found a new game for us to play! I was reading Rachel Shukert's guest post over at Dad Gone Mad and was instantly smitten by her Viking Name Game.

She writes:
'It’s simple: the first syllable of your favorite alcoholic beverage + the first syllable of your hometown, + the word “the” (in the Oscar T. Grouch sense), + your most deplorable character trait.'

It took a three-second soul search to discover that I am alternately Beind the Rationalizer, Merind the Obsequious, Ambind the Vacillating, Palind the Procrastinator, Scotind the Spineless, and Bailind the Annoyingly Apologetic, whom you've already met.

Mr B, after a little prodding, revealed his inner Vikings Guincan the Morose and Mojcan the Elitist

Sister, who needed no prodding whatsoever, brought forth Ginind the Insufferable, Cabind the Intolerant, Chamind the Self-Absorbed, and Teqind the Constant Interrupter.

The Ex presents Vora the Over-compensator and Chardra the Flatulent. I know both of them well.

Young Son (with Mr B's help) decided his is Chobre the Loquacious*.

Rachel points out that inventing them for other people behind their backs is also fun. Scotind the Spineless won't allow me to do that (in public) but I'd love to hear what you come up with.


* Not that Young Son has a favorite alcoholic beverage, mind you. He chose chocolate milk.

(Hey, I just noticed this is my 200th post!)

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