Friday, September 12, 2008

Cowbell Up!

This Friday cries out for some extra special Rockin' so here's something... extra special for ya.

This goes out to Evil Twin, to commemorate her very special time with her doctor.

 Make your own at 

Here's the one Evil Twin made. I think it wins the prize for Most Inappropriate Use of Cowbell. I am a little concerned by the fact that she had an mp3 of a bagpipe Christmas song readily available, but who am I to judge?

And there's always this one, a sentimental favorite of mine. I'm such a softie.

If you want to hear some really funny cowbelled-up songs, head over to List of the Day and check out the ones Cary posted. I'm particularly fond of Purple Rain and Modern Love.

All in all, good clean fun, I'd say.


  1. You are my -- Best. Friend. EVER!

  2. I was worried that it was too dated for anyone to appreciate and I love that you took to it so enthusiastically. Apparently we all still need a little more cowbell ...


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