Monday, September 29, 2008

When I grow up

I love Dooce®. I know, I'm late to the party. Heather's already famous (been on the Tee-Vee and everything!) and pretty much lives off the income from her blog now and has an ® after her blog name and everything. Yup, she's pretty much as commercialized as a blogger can be. And boy howdy, do I envy that.

You may be surprised by my fondness for Heather's blog since she definitely does not fit my typical favorite-blog profile. She's not a food blogger or a smart-ass guy in a technical profession. She's quite a bit younger than I, and sometimes it bothers me that I can't get into the music or some of the other things she says she loves*.

But she's smart and funny and edgy and says bad words in her blog. Her photography and design sense -- both of which I am congenitally incapable -- are amazing. I'm a sucker for all of the above. And that's why I love her blog.

As a tribute to Heather, I'm going to blatantly copy-cat and blaspheme the shit out of share my interpretation of her Daily Style. Please prepare for a dose of:

Random Liz-ness

Black Shoes

These are the shoes I wear almost every single day to work, rain or shine. Because I can. I suppose I get partial credit because they're Skechers; at least they aren't Easy Spirit. Or White Stag. They willingly accept my benign neglect and overuse and keep on tickin'. When they finally decompose off my feet I will be very, very sad.

(Don't look too closely -- I haven't shaved recently. And hey, why do my ankles look fat?)

* WTF?!?!

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