Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No, thank YOU!

I just got the best thank-you note in the history of thank-you notes.

The card reads:
Dear Everyone,

Thank you for the money! You know how I love money....
This winning entry came from our Pet Mormon, Lovely Daughter's best bud from high school. PM lived with us for a brief time before going on his mission. (Yikes! Was it really 7 years ago?!?) He stayed in LD's room in the lower level of the house so we used to tell people we has a pet Mormon in the basement*. He's a great kid, great sense of humor, and a lot of fun.

PM really made himself part of the family. Literally. With Photoshop.

Anyway, he got all growed-up and moved on, but we still touch base occasionally**. He just got married and I rewarded them with some $$.

If I could be guaranteed thank-you notes that funny, I think I'd give away a lot more $$. I'm just that shallow, apparently.

Speaking of thank-you notes, a while back I received a thank-you note for some extremely rare act of niceness I perpetrated on someone. I opened it up, and the following conversation ensued:
Young Son, excitedly: Hey, you can put it on the Thank You Wall!

M: The huh?

YS: You know, the big board where you stick all your thank-you notes. Like Dad and Miss Fiance have.
I didn't think it prudent to point out to him that the thank-you note(s) resulting from my acts of generosity wouldn't cover an 8.5"x11" piece of paper, let alone a bulletin board.

Way to feel like a troll, Liz!

* I'm not Mormon. If I was, that wouldn't be very funny now, would it?

** I <3 Facebook!

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  1. Not a troll...don't punch me in the face!!

    That thank you note is awesome!


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