Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Have I told you about Cake Wrecks yet? No? How could I possibly have overlooked what has become one of my go-to blogs for quick laughs at the expense of others?

Jen was inspired by the very same cake that caused me to snort coffee out my nose last fall. Except she did something about it. That one unintentionally hilarious wreck spurred her to round up and broadcast cake disasters that someone, somewhere, actually paid cash money for.

It's almost impossible to pick a favorite post, since each new freakish edible is more astonishing than the last, but I do particularly love the Fan Wrecks. These are intentional Wrecks, made by fans to honor the spirit of Cake Wrecks past. The last cake in that post was particularly inspiring, as it combined the absolutely worst elements from several Wrecks. It's positively inspired!

As a recovering cake decorator, I find Cake Wrecks to be both painful and hilarious. What more can one ask from a blog, really?

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