Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How I spent my stay-cation

I took a couple of days off to extend the Labor Day weekend as much as I possibly could. That, boys and girls, is what you do when you used up 87% of your annual vacation and sick time by June 1st.

Some highlights:
  • Young Son and I shipped off a couple of boxes of cookies for Operation Baking GALS. With luck, two servicemembers in the Middle East will soon be opening boxes that may or may not contain one or more intact and mold-free cookies. We can only hope. Young Son and I ate plenty of cookie dough, just to be sure it was safe. It was a sacrifice, but it had to be done. For our folks in uniform, you know.

  • Mr B and I took off across the bridge to the Other Peninsula and ended up at the Very Top Left Corner of the Country! I'm a big enough geek to think that's completely cool. I waved at Canada, too; always fun.

  • Been there, done that

  • We took Young Son to the Gi-normous Arcade in the Big City. Since I am generally adverse to displaying my x-treme lack of skilz in public (or in private, for that matter) I carried the tickets and provided much-appreciated gaming advice while Mr B and Young Son tore the place up. I also enjoyed some primo people-watching -- enhanced by a gaming convention in town -- that made the statistics conference look like an Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot. Amazing.
  • I'll leave you with Today's Fun Quote from Lovely Daughter, who is not-so-patiently-waiting for a check to arrive in the mail:

    Tick-f'n-tock, people -- I want my money!

    I'm so proud. As they say, it takes one to make one.


    1. Sounded like a fun trip, Young Son Was truly fired up about the adventure when he got home on Sunday. Maybe your next trip can be to Nixon's nose Montana, Have you ever noticed that Montana is the profile of Richard M. Nixon, pushing his face into Idaho's back side... Okay so you may have to squint a little. Come on work with me here people...

    2. Wave to Canada? Fuck Canada. Give 'em the bird next time.


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