Friday, February 13, 2009

Dancing days, two ways

**Updated 2/19: I found another video to embed. The first few seconds are silent, but stick with it.**

G'morning, girls and boys! Are you ready to Rock your Friday blind? I certainly hope so. It's always best to come to these things prepared.

Heard this one on the radio yesterday and realized that it's probably my most favoritest Led Zeppelin song ever. And it's sorta romantical, isn't it?

A note for service: Like most Zeppelin, it's best served loud, so shut the office door and crank dat!

Dancing Days, Led Zeppelin

For you youngsters, I found this tasty cover by the Stone Temple Pilots. I thought it might be a little easier for you to handle. (smirk!)

So go off and have yourselves a Happy Valentine's Day, Happy President's Day, or whatever excuse you need to whoop it up this weekend. Mr. B and I will be moving boxes. Now that's romantic!


  1. Love that song and LZ. The vid is gone but I know the song well, listen to my Zep mix all the time. My fave LZ songs:

    Ramble On
    Over The Hills And Far Away
    Misty Mountain Hop
    Hey Hey What Can I Do

  2. Shit! Gotta find another vid.

    One of my first 45s was Immigrant Song. I must've been about 10 - probably didn't even know who they were at that point. I have no idea what my mom was thinking, but it's kind of cool, in hindsight.


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