Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now that's entertainment

Saw David Byrne in concert last night. I only recognized a few of the songs but it still was an amazing show. Backup singers, raging percussion, dancers, quirky David Byrne stuff... yes, yes, yes, and yes, please. People spanning several decades of age were up and dancing for a good portion of the show, in the fancy symphony hall, of all places! I managed to contain myself until Once in a Lifetime, then I lost all control and joined the melee. In a restrained, age-appropriate, middle-aged-white-female sort of way, of course.

The only downside was that the show didn't start until 8:30. I'm usually in my jammies at 8:30. It being a weeknight and all, we had to leave before the encore to catch the earlier ferry. Managed to make it home by 11:30, whereupon we fell, exhausted, into bed.

See? We elders can rock, as long as we're in bed by midnight.


  1. I'm a HUGE Talking HEads fan and bought the latest Byrne/Eno album from last year. He's such an interesting artist and brings a quirkiness to music that few artist have ever done. I would love to see him live! Where did you see him? Is he touring?

  2. I'm in the PNW (near Seattle). Sadly, I think this region is the last leg of his tour for the new CD. Check out his website. It was a great show!


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