Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recovery mode

Wow - I was actually relieved to be able to come to work today. And that's not something you'll hear me say very often.

We... enjoyed The Move: Phase I this weekend. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and electronics have all been relocated. However, there is that one junk drawer in the kitchen that I forgot about, plus all that crap in my bedroom from my last move that I have to sort through. But otherwise, those rooms are picked clean as a plate of ribs on the 4th of July in Wisconsin.

Curiously, Mr. B's house got a whole lot smaller this weekend. Kitchen and bathroom storage is going to be particularly problematic. We have about 67 pots and pans, a box of kitchen utensils that weighs about 20 pounds, and four generous boxes of I-don't-know-the-hell-what that needs to be stowed in a single bathroom with one medicine cabinet and one wall cabinet.

I thought I'd purged. Apparently I don't know from purged.

I was surprised at how much unpacking I got done this weekend. I can only make so many decisions per day and populating a kitchen usually burns through my quota in a few short, agonizing hours. But by Monday evening we actually were able to cook a meal with only a few trips out to the sun porch to rummage through the utensils box.

Phase II, furniture and books and (gulp) the garage, should happen before April 1st. But don't hold your breath because I'd hate to be responsible for your loss of consciousness.


  1. Despite the slight shortness of breath caused by a substantial decrease in mean free path, my place feels...homely (in the Tolkien sense).

    We done good.


  2. Are you sure you didn't injure your shoulder/arm from moving the bedroom crap and junk drawer crap?!

    Kidding, of course. Of course, I haven't seen your crap in person, so it might be as bad as you say.

    Ok, none of that is sounding right, is it?

    Anyway, so glad you have Phase I done and that you survived your first days of PT. Perhaps if your arm isn't up to it, Mr. B. can do all the purging and packing for your garage? :)

    (Sorry, Mr. B. Couldn't resist.)

  3. Well, hauling my crap sure didn't help, but I was doomed in the shoulder department before we even started.

    And yes, my crap is just as bad as you can imagine.

    If I let Mr B have at my garage, he would throw it all away! And I might need some of that incredibly priceless junk someday!

    (I'd like to think I'm not hopeless but I'm afraid I am.)


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