Monday, February 2, 2009

How come?

Why can I think of all kinds of things to write about until I actually sit down at the computer? I know I had at least four things to babble on about today, but now that I'm in my chair staring at the screen, I have absolutely no idea what they are.

Back in Ye Olden Tymes -- when we actually had to drive to the video store to pick out a movie -- I'd come up with all sorts of of movies I wanted to see, but as soon as I walked into the video store and my eyes fell upon the rows and rows of movies and shows available for my viewing pleasure my brain would completely overload and I would be rendered instantly clueless. Every single movie looked unfamiliar and strange, and somehow vaguely threatening. Sometimes I'd manage to pull myself together and grab something that didn't totally suck. Sometimes it was so bad I would walk out empty-handed.

Yep, I got it bad. A textbook case of Blockbuster Syndrome. And today I'm walking out empty-handed.

C'mon, Spring!

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