Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday? What Monday?

I tried pretending Monday didn't exist in hopes it would pass more easily (rather like a large stool) but it didn't. Instead I just felt bad that I didn't post*.

Why the shitty attitude? Because I don't do change well and there's been quite a lot of it recently. I'm a fairly tough old bird under stress but once the crisis has passed, I'm prone to collapsing to the floor and curling up in a ball or the equivalent, which either involves laying on the couch clutching my TiVo remote (hard to do at work) or sitting at my desk reading other people's blogs all day instead of taking care of business.

As sloppy and inconvenient as it is, this particular slog through the swamp should be pretty short-lived. I mean, even though it's still February, there are many nice things going on; the crocuses are up, my blog-pal Susan just got engaged, and yesterday marked two years since I first spied an old friend on Match.com and sent him an harassing email**.

And that last thing? A very good thing, indeed.

* See? I do feel guilty when I blow you off.

** What? You don't know that story? Well then, hie thyself on back to Parts I, and II, and III. What? Want more? OK, here's IV, V, and VI.

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  1. Thanks for the links to the Story. It was so fun to read. You guys are so cute!


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