Friday, April 3, 2009

Fly on

I've been Rockin' the Fridays pretty old-school lately and I feel no particular compulsion to stop. Get in, hang on, and shut up -- here we go!

Jimi Hendrix is another artist I missed the first time around. I was only 11 when this came out on his posthumously-released album. As a middle class white kid, the whole late-sixties thing scared the crap out of me so I missed a lot of the good stuff. But as I got older, I 'got' it, and I came to love Jimi Hendrix.

Even though I am glad I didn't have to go through adolescence in the early-mid sixties*, I am sad that I wasn't old enough to 'get' Hendrix the first time 'round.

But that's why the universe invented YouTube, right?

* Oh yeah, the mid-seventies were so much better!

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