Monday, April 6, 2009

Just the thing

Ah, there's nothing like a brisk, eye-watering PT session followed by a steroid shot in the shoulder to set the tone for the work week. Happy Monday! God, I love my frozen shoulder....

I shouldn't bitch, really -- PT has been going pretty well. Yeah it hurts, but I'm making progress and my day-to-day pain has decreased dramatically. One thing that continues to bug me is this one tendon, the one right there, you know? Whenever the tech pulls my arm out to its limits, that damned tendon is the the first thing to pull and burn and AaaaAAArgh! We figured out it's probably tendinitis, which is not very helpful right now, thank you. Hence the shot. Fingers crossed -- I'd hate to think this big old betadine stain on my shoulder is all for nothing. Good thing I wore white today.

The bad news is that I learned Mr. Conscientious is transferring out next month. I chastised him for leaving me before my therapy is complete, but I guess his so-called career is more important. Selfish bastard.

BTW, I think he's older than I guessed. He's probably early-mid thirties. Now that I'm almost AARP-material, all young men look ridiculously youthful to me. Not that it matters at all, just thought you'd like to know.

Week eight, commencing. Wednesday I see The Professional. Think of me...

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  1. I have a very screwed up bicep tendon - is that the one that's bugging you? Of course, I don't have much left in my shoulder and what is there, is now anatomically completely different than a normal persons. In any case, I think shoulders suck no matter what's wrong with them! I'm taking 3 weeks off of PT right now. The Torturer is gone for a week, my kids have spring break & I have my upcoming trip. I've never had that much time off and I think my arm might shrivel up and fall off in the interim. It's kind of frightening and exciting all at the same time. I'm sorry you're going thru this. Really I am - hugs, hugs, hugs!!


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