Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a boy and his pipe wrench

You can blame Cary for this one. He posted some total 80s awesomeness this week and I can't get this one out of my head. Since it looks like this tune is gonna Rock my Friday whether I want it to or not, I may as well spread the joy.

That is a pipe wrench, right?

So, does anyone remember whether all guys wore their pants this high and tightly belted in the 80s? I mean, I know the women did, but I don't remember this guy's pants looking that goofy back in the day.

Then again, there is a lot I don't remember about the 80s....


  1. So, am I NOT supposed to wear my pants like that?? Now you tell me...


  2. Yes that is a pipe wrench. Wrenches and spanners for everyone!!

  3. Formula One cars are notable for their special and easily-recognizable aerodynamic shape, and they can reach extremely high speeds of up to 220 mph (or 360 km/h).


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