Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the wild

Saturday, at nine o'clock in the a. m., Mr B and I found ourselves in line at the U-Haul place. We were behind four other groups of suckers parties. At the U-Haul, that translates to at least a 40 minute wait. Normally that would be enough to set me to hyperventilating and pacing like a... thing that hyperventilates and paces when stressed.

But Saturday it was OK. We were in no rush. All we had to look forward to was emptying the contents of my garage in to the U-Haul then cramming it all in to Mr. B's house. And believe me, we were not looking forward to it much.

It became even more OK when, in line ahead of us, I spotted something rarely seen in these parts: a real, live, honest-to-whatever Joe Dirt mullet! The guy even looked like Joe Dirt; you know, blond and kind of small and weasly. The only things missing were the rockin' sideburns and the facial hair.

It was awesome.

We don't get many mullets in these parts. For one thing I think we're too far north, and, as we're sandwiched in between two naval installations, there's not much space for them to roam. I don't know for sure, but I'm under the impression that large populations of free-range mullets don't thrive in proximity to military installations.

But there he was, a single specimen, flying his freak flag for all to see. It was truly impressive.

Live free, Joe Dirt mullet! You certainly made my day. Party on, sir.

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