Monday, April 27, 2009

No thank you please

Today's PT (Happy Week 10!) was a mixed bag. It was one of the least dis-comfortable sessions I've had in awhile, at least in the shoulder region. But that bit of brightness was utterly offset by the ickyness of the GADAWFUL cold that settled onto my person over the weekend.

It's the kind of cold where the copious amounts of snot pouring from your nose feels like it has itching powder in it. My entire sinus cavity and down my nose feels like what it wants is a good going-to with a handful of them fuzzy pipe cleaners. I swear my eyes are physically bugging out from the pressure behind them. I spent the weekend neti-potting and it's probably forestalled the cavities in my face from completely swelling shut, but CHEEZE LOUEEZ, how many times can one blow one's nose in half an hour?

Maybe it was simply the distraction factor that made the pulling and stretching less traumatizing than usual. I suppose I should be glad. But right now I'm thinking I'd rather have the shoulder pain than have to debride layer after layer of my already screamingly raw under-nose skin, one tissue at a time.


  1. Evil Twin's Much Older SisterApril 27, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    How did you catch my East Coast cold? I'm still gagging from the crud I cough up, and I've had this for over a week now. I'm so glad I live alone so no one has to hear (or watch) me flail around trying to catch my breath!

  2. Neosporin. Blow, wipe, then apply Neosporin. Works for me.

  3. Hm-m-m. Mr. B stays home from work last week 'cause he's sick.

    Are you guys KISSING or something?

  4. ET's MOS: Sotthat's where it came from! That's the last time I read an email from you. :)

    Sassy: Even vaseline helps, which I had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I have a tub sitting on my desk now. Nice, huh?

    ET: Mercy no! Although maybe we should splurge and get separate toothbrushes?


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