Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run for your lives!

Am I the only one who gets twitchy hearing the word 'pandemic' being tossed around on a regular basis?

Maybe I've read too many post-apocalyptic novels*, or maybe it was growing up in the days of Duck and Cover drills -- and let's be frank, 9/11 certainly didn't help -- but this swine flu talk is seriously weirding me out.

So what does one do to 'prepare' for a pandemic? Is it time to start hoarding duct tape and 25 pound bags of pinto beans? Surgical masks? Fifty-five gallon drums of hand sanitizer? What is a freaked-out safety freak to do?

Google it, of course!

First of all, let's see exactly what's going on where and learn about the guy behind the map.

Then we can visit** to see what the Government's up to, and swing by the CDC's Swine Flu page. The latter is pretty terse, but -- according to the tag line at the top of the page -- at least it's credible. I'm glad they made that clear right away, as I prefer my news from official source be more credible than incredible, IYKWIM.

Curious as to what in the hell 'H1N1' means but prefer to read something at least resembling regular people-speak? Well, I enjoyed Wikipedia's entry on the topic.

And finally, for those who like their freak-outs to be prompted by a complete multimedia extravaganza, check out this transcript of an episode of PBS's The American Experience, Influenza 1918. Reading the transcript isn't too bad, but I watched the show a few years back and was on high alert for months. Curious? I dare you to Netflix it and not wash your hands to bloody stumps.

So there you have it. Our AIWJT team of experts is proud to do its part for public health by sharing these results of minutes hours of half-assed Googling exhaustive research. Just remember that when everything goes to hell and zombies start roaming the earth, don't blame us. We tried to warn you.

Speaking of which, uh, best get prepared for that as well, eh?

* If you haven't read The Stand, this is probably not the time to pick it up. Just sayin'.

** I wonder how long they've had that domain name registered and ready to roll. What was there a month ago?


  1. Great post! I have had The Stand on my mind a lot lately as well.

  2. Totally forgot about it until you mentioned it. I remember loving "The Stand!" What would Stephen King do?


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