Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great Moments in History #91

Scene: Lunchroom at work, circa 1985 or so. Four co-workers are sharing a table and enjoying typical co-worker banter. Two of them -- Joe and Mr. B -- begin a discussion about some random yet apparently important topic.

Joe (frustrated, pushes back from the table): Dammit, you always do that! I can never be right! No matter what I say, you always correct me!

Mr. B (pauses, considers Joe's statement): Actually, Joe, that's not strictly true....

The group falls silent for approximately two beats, whereupon Evil Twin and Liz burst into laughter.

Best part is, I'm not even making that up. And that's why we liked hanging out with Mr. B.


  1. I had that same conversation with my Aunt L. (who played the part of Mr. B) just two weeks ago!

    Unlike your Mr. B, I don't like hanging out with Aunt L.

  2. I think it helps that Joe was a jerk.

    Twenty-five years later, now that I am married to Mr. B, I have to admit that I do relish the one or two times a year when I'm right and he's wrong. ;)

  3. See? Even at that young age, the seeds were in place. :)


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