Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At least I'm enjoying the ride

Wow - what a WEEK I'm having! It's been rough, but yesterday the sun finally came out and the temps approached 70 degrees. That made me happy. I also realized that it was about a year ago that Mr. B and I set our wedding date. That made me happy too.

Despite that happy occasion, Mr. B said the other day that June is shaping up to be his least favorite month. I pondered that, trying to place his surgeries, etc. in order, but my memory is crap. I had to go through the blog archives to remind myself what happened when. I then created this handy info-graphic to put it all in perspective. Sure enough, June has been in the bottom of the curve for the three years running.

A: We're dating! Yay!

B: The dermatologist found what?!? OMG! But it's OK, just got to cut it off. Oops, missed a spot -- there. All better.

C: We're moving in together! wOOt!

D: What's that thing on your head? Shit, here we go again. It's still OK, though - just gotta make another scalp donation. All better.

E: We're married! Yay!

F: Ruh-roh...

Seeing it all laid out like that really drove home what a freakin' roller coaster ride the last three years have been, and I'm not even going to count my own little health hassles.

Here's some food for thought: A few months ago Blogger stopped FTP support for self-hosted blogs so I moved my family blog back to Blogger. I had started it since way back in 2004, right before the 25th anniversary of my first marriage. Lots of ancient history there.

I figured since I was now newly-remarried and all, it was a good time to do some housecleaning. I changed the blog name and the tagline, and even chose a new template. I wrote the tagline without even thinking, just as a placeholder, really. But looking at it now I think The Universe was trying to tell me something:

"It's all fun and games until it isn't. And even then, it tends to be fairly interesting."

Heh. Interesting. Yeah, that fits.

Interesting or not, I keep staring at that graph, hoping the pattern continues and we see the red line swing sharply upward in a few months.

Fingers crossed, 'k?


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