Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jus' wan leetle meent? Ees waffer-theen....

You know that one 'teeny little spot' that had to come out? Well, I don't know how the Official Surgical Oncology Guidelines define 'teeny', but when Mr. B pulled the bandage off last night for his first re-dressing since the procedure on Wednesday... yikes!

The crater is now bigger than it was originally, probably over 1.5" in diameter. I really should measure it, because it may be closer to 2". Doesn't sound like a lot, but draw a 2" circle on a piece of paper then cut it out and sit it on top of your head. All of a sudden it gets freakin' huge.


Even though this last procedure should take care of the remaining rogue melanoma cells one and for all*, we're both feeling rather discouraged right now. The goal of a healed wound that doesn't require 10 minutes of fussing every night and constant ball cap wearing in public is even further away than when we started with the first excision a month ago. A month ago today, in fact. Fancy that. Yeah, it's a small price to pay to be melanoma-free, but still.

Plus, all reports indicate that it's fucking annoying and it hurts. And that shit gets old real quick-like.

* Well, you know what I mean. Once and for all... knock wood.

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