Thursday, June 5, 2008

For your edification

Evil Twin sent this in just for you:
I thought that maybe your viewing public would want to see what a puta doll is. They may be misled into thinking it's a cute little Lolita-type toy for children, when actually they resemble sullen, creepy, flat-chested ho's in bike shorts and ballerina flats. (Is that a necklace, or painted cleavage?)

Looks like a necklace draped cunningly over the painted cleavage to me. Hey, maybe I can use that trick next time I dress like a grown-up for an evening out with Mr. B.

But would I look like a sullen, creepy, flat-chested ho even sans bike shorts and flats?

I love my puta doll. It's almost enough to make me venture into the hell hole that is my garage to find it.



  1. Doesn't "puta" mean, you know...?

  2. Diesel: Why yes, it does in fact means sullen, creepy, flat-chested ho.


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