Sunday, June 15, 2008

One-sentence Sunday

Q: What do you get when you cross One Sentence, NaBloPoMo, and writer's block on a Sunday eve?

A: One-sentence Sundays @ AIWJT, of course.

Welcome! You're just in time for the inaugural edition.
Young Son's fresh new summer haircut continues the tradition of little boys' summer haircuts throughout the ages; I think it's cute and he thinks it's way too short.

Got one of your own? Leave me a comment telling me a story from your weekend in one sentence.


  1. I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it looks better then it did Saturday...Bedhead hoodhead no shower fishing trip.
    His hair looked like I combed it with 100 lb air.

    Thanks for getting the summer cut.


  2. Yeah, the phrase 'licked by goats' came to mind when I picked him up Sunday.


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