Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogwatch: Ill Doctrine

Today's offering serves double duty. Not only is it a tribute to the recently-departed George Carlin, but it also will introduce you to another of my favorite blogs*, Jay Smooth's Ill Doctrine.

First, the vid.

Warning: It's a remix of George's '7 Dirty Words', so it contains... uh... the seven dirty words. Duh.

Isn't that awesome?

Now the True Confession: As you all know, I'm a middle-class MAWF. I know nothing about hip hop, or rap, or the culture of the young and cool, or being anything other than a MAWF.

But I really like Jay Smooth's vlog. And, from what I've seen in his vids, I really like Jay Smooth. A few months back he did some posts about the various goings-on in politics that got me hooked. I hate politics, but hearing this clever, thoughtful guy lay it out made it almost tolerable.

Every once in awhile he'll post something about the wacky hijinks and goings on in Hip Hop Land that I have absolutely no clue about, and I feel silly watching, like I'm eavesdropping on something meant for someone else. But I keep going back. Because I just really like Jay Smooth.

Hope that's OK.

* OK, it's a vlog = video blog.

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