Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Goin' for it

I feel so guilty posting this but, as you probably know by now, guilt is rarely enough to stop me.

Evil Twin sent me this recently, indulging my new-found penchant for goofy warning signs. She writes:
Here is my favorite road sign. It's near the border at San Diego. I was going to Tijuana (where I bought the puta doll*!), and I actually got knocked down by a few guys running for the border, followed by a rather hefty Customs agent. I used to bounce better in those days.

The photo was circa 1989, taken on I-5 near San Ysidro, CA. Don't know if it's still there.

Disturbing + Humorous + True = Priceless! What more could one hope for in an official warning sign?

* Yep, she bought me a paper-maché puta doll. I so hope I still have it in a box somewhere... it was awesome.


  1. They are totally still there. As a native Californian, these signs always made my family and me laugh. So, don't feel too bad. :-)

  2. So funny! My sister used to live south of Tucson with her hubby on the army base down there. It was strange seeing people crossing fields and getting pulled over by the border patrol. But I didn't see any signs like that. Too bad.

  3. Oh that sign just cracks me up!


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