Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The fly at the top

I can't remember where the quote came from -- I think maybe it was 'The Little House on the Prairie'* -- but it goes something like 'the wheel turns and the fly at the bottom becomes the fly at the top for a while'.

Anyway, this week, I'm the fly at the top! Yay, Summer Solstice!

As you may remember, six months ago I was definitely feeling like the fly at the bottom with a measly 8 hrs 25 mins. of sun.

Well, look at me now! Here are the stats for Saturday:
Saturday 21 June 2008      Pacific Standard Time          

Sunrise 5:12 a.m.
Sun transit 1:12 p.m.
Sunset 9:13 p.m.

Count 'em up, pals, that's 16 hrs 1 min of glorious daylight. Now if we could just break 70 degrees....

For the sake of completeness, here are the stats for Tampa, where Sister lives:
Saturday 21 June 2008      Eastern Standard Time          

Sunrise 6:34 a.m.
Sun transit 1:32 p.m.
Sunset 8:29 p.m.

I call that 11 hrs 55 mins. I win! At least for the next several weeks. Too bad that daylight, like sex, cannot be banked in times of plenty.

I wanted to get another picture of the sun over the post office at 'sun transit' time on Saturday but I forgot. I could do it today, if I remember. We're still at the top of the curve so the times are pretty much the same.

Want to check your stats? The U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Dept. is there for you.

* The book, not the TV show. Puh-leeze!

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