Monday, June 16, 2008

Great balls of fire

Scene: Driving to work this morning. On the radio, the traffic announcer was going on and on about the obnoxious traffic over in The Big City, blah, blah, blah....

All of a sudden my ears perk up.

'...that big white ball of fire in the sky is causing all sorts of problems.'

OMG! WTF? Meteor? First Contact? Nuclear Armageddon?

Nope, just the sun. It finally came out yesterday and we apparently have no idea how to drive with that blinding white light in our eyes.

Ah, the sun. Yesterday we enjoyed another Room Temperature Day; the first in a few weeks. I'm encouraged. We may just get summer after all.


  1. It is only in the mid-60's here today! I cannot believe it. Send that sun back east, okay?!

  2. I dont know where it went but it ain't here! We're back down to a high of 61 today. Oh well. Summer was nice while it lasted....


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