Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big night out

Pizza for babysitter & kid: $17

Parking @ the ferry terminal: $7.50

Two fry baskets with 4 types of flavored mayo* and beer at the Belgian fry house near the ferry terminal: $25

Ferry ride: $0**

Cab to the theater because the ferry was late getting in: $10

1.5 hrs of Tony Bourdain***: $75

Gelato**** on the walk back to the ferry terminal: $7

Ferry ride: $6.75

Babysitter: $40

Total time for a 1.5 hour show: 6.5 hours

Total fiscal damage: $188.25

Two crappy pix of Tony Bourdain on my cell phone:


* Wasabi/garlic, red pepper parmesan, sweet chili, and sweet spicy ketchup. Mayo-licious! OK, the last isn't mayo. But it could have been.

** Eastbound is free.

*** :)

**** It was amazing. I had a scoop each of pistachio and caffe mocha, Mr. B had caramel and coffee. Burp!

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