Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cleaning house

We're gearing up to clean the house today. That's why I'm sitting on my ass writing this post, of course. It's called stalling, people.

For most folks, cleaning is a chore but no big deal. For me it's a deal all right; a Big F'n Deal. I clean only under duress and usually at the last possible minute. There generally has to be a reason -- I rarely do it just because it needs to be done. It's just the way I am, and pretty much always have been. Needless to say I have a high tolerance for clutter; at least my own.

Today we're cleaning up because we're going out tonight* and I've got a new babysitter coming over for Young Son. Yeah, I'm a pig, but I've had enough training to know that you ought not to inflict that on people you would like to come back.

This brings to mind an event many, many years ago, when Lovely Daughter was about the age Young Son is now. I had decided it was Cleaning Day.
Mom: OK, up and at 'em. We're going to clean up today.

LD, looking up from the TV: Why? Who's coming over?

Out of the mouths of smart-ass babes, eh? As they say, 'it takes one to make one'. I sat down next to her and explained in all seriousness that normal people clean regularly; the way I keep house is not recommended. I figured she was going to eventually learn that I am a slob anyway, so why not hear if from me? Might just save her a few bucks in therapy. Which, since she just turned 25, should be rollin' around any time now....

* We're going to see Tony Bourdain! Whoo-hoo! I'll be in my bunk...


  1. I like to have things "clean"/tidy because it makes me feel more sane. That said, I waver between thinking cleaning is one of those mindless, therapeutic tasks that is good for me to do and wanting to hire someone to do the dirty work because I can't stand it.

    One of my friends says she'll continue to pay a cleaning person to do it even if she and her family have to eat dirt to afford it. Maybe you'd like dirt for dinner?

  2. Susan: Yeah, I love me some cleaners. I had a cleaner when I lived in a 14'x70'trailer. Embarrassing, yes, but well worth it. Haven't this time because I keep thinking I have to finish unpacking from my move last Nov., but that may never happen. Maybe I ought to Just Do It. OTOH, I don't want Young Son to think that cleaning is done by faeries in the night....


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