Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogwatch: Cooking the Books

Full disclosure: I'm shamelessly promoting one of my own blogs.

Cooking the Books: The Cook-Through Blogroll is my new baby*. I've been enjoying Carol's French Laundry At Home blog, which led me to this WSJ article about 'cook-though' blogs, which turned me on to even more cook-through blogs... well, you see where I'm going, right?

I couldn't help it. It was too Shiny; I was powerless to resist. I either had to pick a cookbook and start my own cook-through blog, or... make a blogroll of all the cook-through blogs I could find. Guess which one I chose?

Hint: Option B requires much less shopping and chopping. And, oh yeah, cooking.

Anyway, if you're interested in living vicariously through someone who is blogging about cooking their way through an insanely difficult cookbook, visit the Cooking the Books and take your pick. They're all deee-licioussss!

* But you'll always be my first and I love you best. Don't ever forget that.

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