Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're all gonna die!

I'm sure many of you will laugh yourselves silly over this one.

Gotta run! I'm off to dig a shelter in the backyard and lay in provisions.

Gawd, we're such pussies. I'm so embarrassed.


  1. Hey, PNW weather can be pretty grim. Remember the several windshield scraping episodes last winter? It was down into the TWENTIES, repeatedly! (I'll take our meteorological sensory deprivation any day over the eyeball-deep snows of my youth, to say nothing of ice storms, twisters, beastly humid summers and/or having my nostrils freeze shut.)


  2. Oh, Wench! I laugh as I sit here, in the mid-Atlantic, stewing in my own juices. I take sips of leaden air to slake my thirst.

    But, by God, we get some bitchin' thunderstorms!


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