Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stop that, stop that...

Well hell. I was all geared up for high drama on Friday but we didn't get it. I can only conclude that the folks at the clinic work VERY HARD to deflect any hint of high drama*, damn bless their consummately professional hides.

Current word is that there is very little doubt about what IT** is, but there is lots of head-scratching about how IT got so far out of control, since we got the official All Clear twice. So there are tests to be done and results to be studied before we find out what's going to happen and when.

How orderly and anti-climactic is that? I appreciate their professionalism, but as anyone who has had to wait for a definitive diagnosis can attest, WAITING SUCKS BALLS.


While we're waiting for something to happen, I thought you might enjoy a peek at my first few thoughts after I heard The News almost two weeks ago. At the time I didn't even notice they were, uh, a little out of character, which makes it even better:
  • I really needed a cigarette. (I haven't smoked in 30 years.)

  • I got really annoyed with my hair and decided to cut it all off. (I just spent a year growing it out.)

  • I felt the urge to get a tattoo. (WTF??)

  • I wondered if I know anyone who sells weed. (Decided I probably don't.)
So when my psyche gets shoved against the wall, I turn into a sixteen-year-old. Fascinating.

I managed to get a grip and channel my urge to act out into a somewhat positive direction -- I bought Mr. B an iPad last weekend. Let me tell you, that is one cool toy. If that doesn't make him behave in the doctor's office, nothing will.

I estimate we have another week or so of floating in null space before the shit hits the fan. That should give you plenty of time to get your riot gear ready.

*<Insert Tale of Sir Launcelot joke>

**<Insert Knights Who Say Ni joke>

(Can you tell we recently watched Holy Grail?)


  1. Tom Petty was right; the waiting is the hardest part. I'm sorry you're stuck in limbo and hope for good news when the results come in!

    Incidentally, I also turn into a 16 y.o. when faced with problems of epic proportions. I won't even speak of the things I thought/did when my father died last year. I refer to it as, "The Dark Period."

  2. I wish I could adopt 16 y.o. behavior. I swing back and forth between Spock and a four-year-old with thumb-sucking problems.
    MRI of my favorite major organ (brain) today - an hour in a tube listening to U2.


  3. Oh, and there's my third persona: "Where'd Neal go?


  4. Bit behind on my reading. But given the circumstances, I think all 4 of your responses are rather rational, really.

    But perhaps I'm not the best person to ask.

    Positive thoughts coming your way.


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