Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Two

Hi! Welcome back for day two of What the fuck happened to my back?!? I'm still trapped in bed. I've learned that getting on the toilet is much, much easier than getting up off the toilet, and clawfoot bathtubs are not much use in terms of personal hygiene when you can't raise your feet more than an inch off the floor.

Other than that, it's just me and my muscle relaxants, which have greatly disappointed me. Sure, the pain has decreased, but there's nary a buzz to be had. What a gyp. Luckily, Raoul the Pool Boy -- Mr. B's alter ego -- is here to cater to my every whim. Sounds fun, but my whims have been pretty much limited to things that involve a trip downstairs.

Since I think we all need a laugh at this point (laughing is now authorized, BTW) I thought I'd share something cool that Evil Twin (I think) sent me a while back.

Prepare to be shocked and awed by the glory and power of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt. Need proof? Read the comments. How could 800+ Amazon reviews be wrong? And be sure to watch the video review. It's very moving.

And be sure to tune in tomorrow, when something may or may not happen.

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