Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wide-area excision 101

It's Arts and Crafts Time here at AIWJT!

Cut an approximately 2" circle out of paper, then place it on top of your head. Then imagine a surgeon cutting that much of your scalp out. It will be deep, too, at least 3/8" deep. All the way down to the muscle. There's a lot more meat on your head than you think!

This time Mr. B's going to have a skin graft, which should make it easier to deal with although rumor has it that his thigh will probably hurt worse than his head.

Last time we healed up the excision site the slow way. It took about three months, including a major setback at the one month point when they had to go back in and remove a 1/4" ring of the freshly-grown skin because of a 'rogue cell' in the pathology report. I got really good at cutting appropriately-sized circles out of hydrogel and dropping them into the abyss.

We don't have a date yet but I'm hoping for mid-June. I'm going to try to take a before pic (if he'll hold still) and an after pic (if he'll let me.) I was miffed last year that he wouldn't let me photograph the healing week by week.

Is that weird? Don't answer that.


  1. I'm still thinking they should just cut off everything above the neck.

  2. But Peter --
    That's the only part worth keeping!! (although I think Liz would beg to differ)

  3. Jeepers, Peter, this Queen-of-Hearts persona is a little disturbing - you need to stop wearing that hockey mask around the house. Or were you hoping to be next in line for the Old Fart Award among our colleagues?

    We're planning to do a time-lapse movie, split-screen to show both my thigh and my occipital region.

    I'm looking forward to looking back on this.



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