Thursday, May 14, 2009

Circular logic

Since Dyslexia research is my current Shiny project and is therefore taking up approximately 85% of my available brain cycles, that's what you're getting today, whether you like it or not.

(Hey, you think it sucks? Imagine how Mr. B feels about now!)

The goal: Find a certified tester who can give Young Son the battery of tests needed and interpret them correctly to pinpoint exactly what's going on.

As common as dyslexia seems to be, such a tester is surprisingly hard to find in this area.

I was lucky enough to get Young Son an appointment at the Naval Hospital this morning. I'd had a couple of people tell me that the Naval Hospital has 'resources' for Dyslexia and was excited to learn what they were.

Well, according to the head of the Pediatrics Dept., the short answer is no. He wasn't even sure who to refer us to. While we were in his office, he called the premier developmental clinic out in town and was told they only test for disabilities up to age 3, after which they refer to the school system.

Shit. You already know what the school system told me. Back to Start, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, and lose a turn.

So I am to find a certified tester, then call the pediatrician and give him the contact info so he can put in a referral. I doubt Tricare (military health insurance) will pay, but with a referral at least they'll look at the claim.

I have phone calls in at a couple of places and should be able to pin someone down fairly soon, but I am really shocked at how difficult it is to plug in to resources.

Makes me wonder how parents who don't sit at a desk playing with Google all day and who aren't stubborn as hell and who can't afford to pay handle it?


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  1. What they said 40 years ago was, things like "how cute it is when you write your name backwards, Tommy. Or my all time favorite quote from my dearly departed mom "You don't need to spell things correctly... That's what secretary’s are for"


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