Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talk about letdowns

So we extended the holiday weekend by a day and had a nice little get-away at the shore. Tuesday finally arrived and I was reluctant at best to rejoin the daily grind, but there were Things To Be Done, so we packed up our sandals and fleece (hey, it's the PNW) and drove home. My back was a little sore and wasn't liking the three hour drive home, but we got unpacked and dinner made and completed all necessary action items to get ready for the remainder of the work week.

By the time I got to bed that night I wasn't moving too well. Didn't sleep all that great either. Mr. B decided it would be prudent to telecommute today, in case I needed help getting out of bed in the morning.

Good thing, too.

The alarm went off and I made like I was going to get up. I promptly collapsed in a symphony of spasms, much to my chagrin. Mr. B dragged me back onto the bed which didn't do his back any favors at all.

Now I've had back spasms before, and my back has gone 'out' once or twice, but I've always been able to drag myself around until it loosened up. Apparently I wasn't getting off so easy this time. I also learned quickly that under such circumstances my back will tolerate NO JOCULARITY whatsoever. Giggles are tantamount to torture, and living with Mr. B, that is somewhat of an issue. He was immediately put under strict 'no humor' orders.

With the passage of some hours and liberal application of muscle relaxants and ibuprofen, I am now able to visit the bathroom almost at will. Although whomever nailed that foot-high threshold across the bathroom doorway should be shot.

There will be no going downstairs today, nor will there be any climbing into the clawfoot bathtub for a shower. If I am very careful, maybe I can make it to work tomorrow, although Mr. B looks at me funny when I say that.

All of a sudden, Mr. B's tale of the time he got trapped mid-spasm between the wall and his bed, bracing himself on either side, wracked with pain, unable to retreat or move forward, with a hard-won hotdog clenched between his teeth, isn't quite as funny as it was before.


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